Frequently Asked Questions

What is this about? is a postering service in Victoria, BC Canada and complimentary website.

We accept poster submissions via email or through our website for upcoming events and to print and distribute these posters for a fee on the legal postering cylinders provided by the City of Victoria for this purpose. We also maintain this website so these posters can be viewed online free of charge.

What does the service cost?

Listing on the website is free. Our postering service will remain free until the end of June 2022. After that, the costs are as follows:

  • 1 Day postering (print and distribution of 15 posters): $15 plus tax
  • 1 Week Postering (print and distribution of 45 posters over 3 days): $40 plus tax

What are the guidelines to submit posters?

  • Posters must be for an event and include a date and a venue.
  • Posters must be 11x17 and in portrait orientation.
  • Posters must be PDF print-ready files (no crop marks please).

Don't have a PDF readily available? There are lots of online resources that can make the conversion for you. A great example is smallpdf - and it's free!

We will not accept submissions that we feel do not align with our mandate. We reserve the right to refuse poster submissions at our discretion.

How does the system work?

All the poster submissions are reviewed then combined into a huge multipage PDF. This file is printed on a Xerox digital press on 20lb 100% recycled paper as a single ‘poster sort’. This poster sort is distributed on foot and applied to the 50 legal poster cylinders in the downtown core using a wheatpaste to ensure that it can be recycled.

How often do the posters get distributed?

We are distributing 3 poster sorts a week.

How many posters get distributed?

We distribute 15 posters per event in each poster sort.

Who is running this program?

This postering initiative is facilitated by Metropol and the website is built and maintained by Gearbox.